Targeted Prediction

Targeted Prediction

The optimal selection method

Combining GMA and personality for a role-specific prediction of work performance

Targeted Prediction is a new and superior method of identifying candidates with high performance potential in a screening or selection process.

With a click of a button you get a reliable shortlist of candidates based on mental ability and relevant personal characteristics. Targeted Prediction does the work of identifying critical traits for the role, as well as matching and ranking complex candidate profiles against these requirements.

Cut recruiting time by 50%. By applying Targeted Prediction as a first step in your selection process, you invest time and effort only in the most promising individuals. All that is left is to check base requirements.

Targeted Prediction offers the most powerful prediction of work performance by combining all individual aspects that have an impact on job success in a given role. The Targeted Prediction algorithms are based on extensive data accumulated by decades of research within each specific area of work.

Predicts success for the following job roles:
• General Job Performance
• Leadership
• Service
• Sales

Benefits to your organization
• Save time on your recruitments by approximately 50%
• Make better selection decisions by using scientific ranking methods
• Find raw talent and have the confidence to hire them
• Attract talent with fair and transparent recruitment processes