Measures Integrity

Assesses the risk for Counterproductive Work Behavior

Measuring Integrity
MINT, Measuring Integrity, is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs. It is based on the five factor model of personality, which is the most empirically robust and well documented approach to measuring personality traits today.

Safety and security
MINT is a modern and secure test that can be used both for positive and negative selection in recruitment. MINT makes a measurable contribution to an organization’s strive in the area of safety and security, and it will also increase job performance and job satisfaction levels amongst the selected employees.

Predictor of job performance
Candidates with a high MiNT result are more often rated as high performers at work, both with regards to handling job tasks well, as well as being friendly and effective in their relationships at work. With a low score on MINT, there is a higher risk for counterproductive work behaviours (CWB), such as tardiness or being rude.

MiNT is a scientifically robust instrument that has been reviewed and certified by DNV-GL (Den Norske Veritas), an independant reviewer of psychometric tools in the Nordic countries – equivalent to American BUROS and European EFPA.

Case studies

Swedish Transport Administration | Randstad