Measures work-related personality traits

A comprehensive Five Factor Model (ffm) personality test

Measuring personality traits
MAP, Measuring and Assessing individual Potential, is a personality test based on the Five Factor Model of personality, which is the most robust and empirically documented measurement model of personality. The test can be used for screening and selection to predicts workplace behavior, both at the managerial and the co-worker levels. Other areas of application are onboarding assessments, leadership development as well as career counseling.

Unbiased selection criteria

Using MAP will give an objective and unbiased measure of personality in selection. With built-in suitability scores, using MAP will give the opportunity to use a data-driven approach to leadership selection. There is also a possibility to tailor suitability scores to an organization or to match scores to a cusotmized competency profile.

Powerful predictor of job performance

MAP is a powerful predictor of personality-driven critical behaviours at work. Follow-ups show clear links between the results on MAP and various outcomes, such as performance at work, job satisfaction, individual-organizational fit, and leadership and sales performance

Multiple reporting options
There are multiple reporting options ranging from brief data reports to rich text based reports with typical behaviours associated with personality characteristics as well as developmental recommendations. MAP has a special reporting series that focuses on identifying and developing leadership.

MAP is a scientifically robust instrument that has been reviewed and certified by DNV GL (Den Norske Veritas), an independant reviewer of psychometric tools in the Nordic countries – equivalent to American BUROS and European EFPA.