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Discover a modern evidence-based system for matching, selection, development and business driven HR

It provides scientifically validated tools for selection and development, structured processes and user-friendly design to help you create effective and time saving HR-processes of the highest standard.

Predictive insights
Personality is just as crucial as technical expertise in distinguishing high performers from their less effective counterparts. Ascend will provide predictive insights to help you grow your organization and develop its people.

Scientific rigor
All our assessment tools are reviewed and approved by DNV – an independent reviewer of psychometric tools in the Nordic countries – equivalent to American BUROS. Reviews our tests have received:

”Matrigma is an excellent test.”
”[Matrigma] shows good reliability across studies and samples”
”Matrigma should produce valid scores and predict work performance.”

Quality of the items: ”Excellent”
Reliability: ”Impressive”

”[MAP] generates reliable scores.”
”[MAP is] well documented, well developed”
”The test is recommended for use in the intended areas, selection and development.”

“We follow the guidelines set by EFPA, APA and ITC in our test construction and documentation. We are always thorough and place the highest value on constructing scientifically valid tools. Getting our tests certified and approved by independent reviewers has always been easy because of this.”

Sofia Sjöberg, Head Psychometrician at Assessio

Sofia Sjöberg, Head Psychometrician at Assessio

Getting certified to use our test tools is made easy via e-learning and/or customized workshops.

Candidate experience
With Ascend by Assessio you have the choice to give automatic, immediate and standardized feedback to candidates, saving you time and providing your candidates with a convenient and professional application experience.

Working via ATS
Ascend is designed to blend seamlessly with your existing framework. Whether you are using an Applicant Tracking System, a customized business application or a corporate interface, the solutions and tools of Ascend by Assessio are easily accessible via our API.
Examples of our currently integrated partners: Aditro, Prepaird, Reachmee, Youcruit, Webcruiter, Zerolime, TalentLink