Adaptive Matrigma

Adaptive Matrigma

The future of GMA assessments

GMA remains the single most powerful predictor of job performance and career success – after more than a century of research in the field of work psychology.
Since its creation in 2009 Matrigma has provided an effective method for identifying individual potential in personnel selection and has grown to become a popular and internationally renowned GMA test.
Today Assessio proudly presents Adaptive Matrigma, an innovative and technologically advanced version of Matrigma, that provides a reliable and accurate GMA measurement in only 12 minutes.

Candidate engagement

In an increasingly candidate-driven job market it is essential to offer user-friendly and concise assessment solutions that keep the candidates engaged throughout the selection process.
Adaptive Matrigma addresses the need for shorter assessments and an enhanced candidate experience without losing any of the reliability or accuracy of the original version.

Innovative technology

Adaptive Matrigma utilizes a new theoretical approach, Item Response Theory (IRT), and its advanced algorithm incorporates over 100 000 Matrigma test results worldwide. The result is a revolutionary product that minimizes the test duration without losing any of the measurement accuracy.

Adaptive format

Each test session is adapted to the respondent. Each successive item is selected based on a summation of the test-takers previous responses as well as other item-specific criteria. Unnecessary and redundant items are excluded, as the respondent’s maximum level of capacity is evaluated and established throughout the test session.

Flexibility of use

Adaptive Matrigma is available in 28 languages and its non-verbal format makes it an ideal tool for selection projects worldwide.
Adaptive Matrigma is available on computers and mobile devices, offering optimal flexibility for the candidate.

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