From lagging HR metrics to predictive analytics

Tired of meaningless “Big Data”?

The application of new techniques and new thinking to Talent Management, based on the latest data and analytics buzz, is becoming mainstream. However, is the data collected really reflective of what organizations are seeking to measure or predict? Does it have a proven business impact?

At Assessio we are passionate about psychometrics. We develop theory- and evidence-based people analytics, mapping patterns and correlations that have a proven impact on business outcomes.

This is why we built Ascend by Assessio. It is the result of 60 years of psychometric research and the latest technology, a modern evidence-based system for matching, selection, development and business driven HR.

Discover the key personality and cognitive assessments available on our platform:

  • Matrigma, a screening tool measuring GMA, predicting work performance
  • Mint, a screening tool measuring integrity, predicting Counterproductive Work Behavior
  • MAP, a Big Five Personality assessment, predicting work behaviors

We help you implement standardized, fair, transparent and automated Talent Management processes that contribute to your organization’s success. Letting you focus on other Human Capital initiatives, such as employer branding, development and retention.

Want to take a closer look at our assessment tools?