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We believe that a qualified partner has a background in psychometrics, assessment and recruitment. You’ve probably been around for some time, have a solid client base in your territory and a good financial track record. The organization either employs psychologists that are specialized in industrial and organizational psychology or experts with a solid understanding for work place psychology and psychological tests. Furthermore, you see the market potential for distributing tests through assessment services and to provide training for clients that will be administering the tests themselves.

As a partner of Assessio, you’ll have the opportunity to distribute our tests. Furthermore, you get access to and become a part of our international network that yields business in the form of international projects. We help you with marketing, training, conducting pilot studies, case studies, validation work and adapting our tools, giving seminars, and we can conduct joint client visits when there are sizable opportunities. We have a commitment that our partnerships are going to be of a win-win nature, so that we help each other’s business grow.

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